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Whatever you want?

We are a little slow lately so lets do something fun!

If money were no option, what would you do differently for your wedding that you are not currently doing?

This question was asked on another board and it gave me a lot of ideas.

I'll go first - I would fly all 250 guests on a private plan to an exclusive island so that they could enjoy my wedding and a vacation all on me.

I would also have that guy from Hell's Kitchen cater.

What about you?
Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Whatever you want?

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    harpsdesireharpsdesire member
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    If money was no object... wow.

    I'd get a dress custom made, serve lobster, and honeymoon to New Zealand to two weeks.  I'd probably also upgrade to the photographer of my dreams.

    I'd give my FI a trip to Scotland for a wedding present.
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    We had toyed with going on a cruise(which we are for our honeymoon) and having our entire wedding party join us. We decided for the smae amount of money we could have a small wedding, so we are. 
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