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Hello from a Central Florida Bride!

Hi Girls! I found this board today and I am hooked. I felt like I had that Ah-ha moment from the movies LOL. I am not sure if my wedding is luxury or not, but it is luxury by my standards. I have been getting a little bit depressed with wedding planning lately because I am marrying into a very different family than my own. I want to say that I love my soon to be in-laws, they are definitely like a second set of parents but their idea of a wedding is just different from mine and even without knowing what we are paying we are, well, judged for lack of a better word.  My fiancé and I are paying for our wedding ourselves, and we know once the wedding gets here the little details that we (read me) pour over will all make sense to his parents but for now I just smile and move on.

A little bit about us.  We are a bit untraditional we have been together for 6 years and have a child together already. We think of our wedding as a time to come together as husband and wife, but our reception is the first big party we host as husband and wife and we want to make a statement. It will be black tie, elegant, and AMAZING.  I just want to have a place to talk about some of the cool stuff we have for our wedding (things I am seriously excited for) without hearing OMG that’s ridiculous, or why would you spend that. I just want to be excited. My family is all in NJ and I live in Florida so I’m kind of missing my Mom and Aunts. So in short I would really like to get to know you girls better and share exciting wedding stuff in a judge free zone.

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