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Hi Ladies.... I just got my wedding shoes last week- a gorgeous pair of Louboutins! I want to keep the bottoms as scuff free as possible bc I think they will make awesome pre-wedding pics, but I know that I will need to practice walking on them and break them in before the big day.
Any suggestions? I've walked on the carpet a bit, but I only have an area carpet to work with- the rest of the apt. is hardwood.

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  • put masking tape on the bottoms. The tape pulls off really easily and doesnt take the red off.

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  • Many shoe cobblers have red rubber sole options that can be applied to the shoe. I have done this to a number or my loubs. It's great because it helps with traction and they remain red even with walking. Your red soles will inevitably be scuffed even with wear the day of the wedding so I wouldn't stress too much about keeping them new.
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    Scuff them now!  Yes, it is incredibly sad seeing $300+ of red paint on the ground, but well worth not falling on your face.  They also will then mold to your feet and become your favorite shoes ever.  Then, Louboutin will put red rubber that exactly matches the paint on the bottom.  I called the store I bought them from and they directed me to the right people.  If you have time before the wedding, I'd do that now.  If you don't, then just do it afterwards.  I believe it was even free...

    ETA: Best scuffing surface in my opinion?  A flat concrete area.  I used the driveway.
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  • Agree that the red soles don't last too long, I think mine were mostly rubbed off the first night I wore them out. Also, I think for CL to put on the rubber soles you need to have worn them a bit so they know what thickness the rubber needs to be based on the way you wear them.
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  • I bought a pair for my wedding, too, and I have to say that they are the single most uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned.  But, then, i have weird feet so maybe it's just me.

    I did the tape on the bottom thing, too, and wore mine with heavy socks for weeks before my wedding, trying to make them comfortable.  I finally took them to a shoe place to see about having a couple particularly painful/"pinching" spot stretched.  They sold me a bottle of liquid for $3.00 that you squirt inside the shoe, then put them on and walk around for 15 minutes or so.  Worked like a charm!
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  • Thanks for the advice! I wore them when I went to the bridal salon this weekend and they weren't too bad. I am just going to need a lot of practice.... I normally never wear heels! I will definintely do the tape and sock thing. Hope it works!
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