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Hi ladies! I'm new to this board but have been reading for a few days now. I'm having a medium sized 150 wedding next July. The wedding and reception are at the same location, gorgeous old mansion on a lake. The wedding is going to be outside, and the reception is in the house's ballroom with beautiful panoramic views of the lake and gardens. I have tons of things already set, but my centerpieces are vexing me a little. I want to keep them low, because of the view obviously. I'm thinking two different sizes and heights, but with both of them low, is it worth it? Only about 20 tables after all.

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  • Without seeing pics, it's hard to tell. I know a lot of people do a mix of short and tall; at my first wedding, I did all tall. honestly, the way they were done, noone had a viewing problem. However, I think as long as there is some type of commonality (color scheme is similar, one or two of the flowers in each are the same, etc.), I don't see a problem with it. It's your wedding, so definitely do what you want and makes you happy! :)


  • I did mostly tall. Since our venue had such high ceilings I thought I needed to add height to fill the room. I just made sure that the centerpieces did obstruct anyones views while they were sitting down. We used vases and pillars to hold the flowers go the then the flowers spread out and got "grand" once they were over everyones head.

    I think you can still add height without loosing your view. Do you have a wedding planner? or an event coordinator? Can they show you what other people have done there before? So you can see what has worked?
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  • Although I went with tall centerpieces, I do love low, area-covering centerpieces.  3 or 5 long, low & lean centerpiece vases filled with your a flower of your choice (or alternating).  I only say 3 or 5 because I prefer using odd numbers instead of even when it comes to decor.  

    Different sizes are fine - plenty of brides mix & match.  Definitely play with the idea at home with some prop or mock set-ups to get the full concept of what you want.  It's definitely hard to stare at photos all day and then try to decide without at least getting a physical/aesthetic feel for it is tough.

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