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Floral budget

I was hoping some of you ladies could give me an idea for what you budgeted for your flowers? And, if you don't mind, what percentage that was from your overall budget?

I know flower costs are highly varied -- but I have no idea if my current budget is even reasonable for my expectations.

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Re: Floral budget

  • I spent about 10-12% of my budget on flowers. It really depends on what types of flowers you want. My (and my BMs) bouquets were all calla lillies. And my center pieces were a mix of orchids, hydragendas, callas, peonies, etc.

    Overall I think we spent about 12k on flowers for the wedding and 1k on flowers for the rehearsal dinner. The first pic is the rehearsal, second, our bouquets, third, the head table.

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    I'm pretty far out and haven't collected much pricing info on flowers as of yet but I know I'll try not to exceed spending 10-15% of the overall budget on flowers. I'm planning on chosing only local and in-season flowers to abate the costs. I won't be needing tall arrangements either, I hope that will help keeping the total down. 
  • I'm a total minimalist. I wanted to keep it simple and classic. I had very few floral arrangements, but they were all calla lilies (first wedding.) I spent between $3K-$4K and though I didn't have a budget per se, it ended up being around 3-4% of what the total cost ended up being. So, I'm probably not the norm. That was also in 2004, so I have NO idea what callas run for these days. My wedding a few weeks ago required fake flowers since it was in a National Park. All I had was a bouquet of frangipanis and the price was included in the wedding package. So, I'm no help there! LOL


  • We didn't have a budget going in and ended up spending about $5,000 on floral arrangements. We had large, tall centerpieces on the tables which added to the cost and I really wanted to keep everything simple and mainly roses were used. I think no matter what your budget is, you could find some beauitful flowers--and location def. effects cost. I would set up appointments with different florists and see what they estimate your costs to be based on your expectations.
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  • Our florist charged us $5,000, which was about a 40% discount, primarily because my family & companies have been clients since I was a child, and we've given them so much business over the years.  We also spent another $1,500 on top of that, for various flower items, so all in all 6,500 was our actual spending.  (What it would've cost; 10,000) ... at 6.5 it was at about 5% of our wedding budget.
  • This is some good information so far.
    Thank you ladies! :)
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  • I'm spending a little over $3000 on my flowers, and it's about 5% of my total budget. My bouquet will have roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and cymbidium orchids (inspiration photo in my siggy). I have 4 BM, and they will have roses, calla lilies, and lisianthis. I'm having 4 large arrangements for the ceremony, and 18 centerpieces which are a mixture of tall, medium, and short all with the same flowers as the bouquets. The pictures below aren't my actual flowers, but they are the inspiration photos I gave my florist. We're making our own bouts and toss bouquet. 

    It all really depends on how much flowers you want, what kind of flowers you want, and where you are located. I think average is about $3000 for our area.


    We got married 11/3/12!!

  • $4-5k which ends up being about 5% of our budget. I'm investing the same amount of money into lighting which I feel also adds significantly to the decor.
  • t12ubeauty and I are pretty similar.

    We have 23 total guest tables and are doing 3 different arrangements to cut down our flower costs. Our estimate was $8,000, which is roughly 10% of our budget. And as much as I love flowers, holy crap, they die! So, we decided to have 10 grand, luscious tall centerpieces, 7 with tall candelabras and only a few hydrangea in small vases, and 6 medium sized arrangements. We've cut the cost to about $4,500.

    We too are using hydrangea, roses, garden roses and white cymbidium orchids with the mauve/pink throats. We removed the calla lilies and saved a ton there too.

  • we are spending about 5,000 on floral decor for everything
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    We have an overall wedding budget of $35,000.00  This is for a March 29, 2014 wedding in downtown Baltimore.  We are spending about $5,500 on florals and decor, which includes candles, all personal and decor flowers, table sign holders, candle holders, lanterns, twinkle lights - anything we're adding to decor.  We're having three female attendants (two are women who are my fiance's attendants, so not 'bridesmaids') and each will carry a teardrop shaped gold lantern with floral accents and ribbon added.  My bouquet is a huge cascade style bouquet.  We're having 10-12 tables, and fewer tall vs. short arrangements (probably 6 short 4 tall or 7 short 5 tall)....not sure exactly so that is why I say above "about $5,500" - that rate is based on  maximum # of centerpieces.

    The florals we ordered include:
    a wreath for the garden gate path (to welcome guests)
    a wreath for over the fireplace, in the ballroom where dinner is being held
    6 aisle bouquets for the chair backs (hanging bouquets which will be repurposed into small cobalt blue vases for our reception bar and bathrooms)
    pergola florals (to cover the pergola in the garden with clematis and other vining flowers)
    hanging tea light LED lanterns for the garden path, trees, and pergola
    chair swags for the bride and groom's chair
    centerpieces as mentioned
    floating water lily LED for the garden pond
    candles for all the tables (10 per table)
    candles for in front of the gas fireplace (30-40)
    bouts. x 4
    corsages x 4
    card box embellishment
    table sign holders ($20 or so, save on crafts)
    $50 worth of photo copies for various signs
  • Flowers are very expensive. We are only using a minimum of flowers. The ones needed for the ceremony. At the reception our centerpieces aren't floral it was much cheaper going with candles.

    We are getting married at Chateau Charmant in Fordland, MO which is a castle venue
  • We spent $7000, which I believe is about 7% of how much we've spent total.
  • What's funny is that even after this thread, I still have no idea if my floral budget is realistic for what I want. haha.

    We're at about $5k for flowers, but we also only have 5 tables to decorate and 6 attendants (including FI and I). I feel like I want more flowers, though. I don't know, I'm so darn indecisive.
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  • I thought ours was high and we have 12 reception tables, I forget how many cocktail hour tables, and 14 people who would need flowers to wear.
  • Flowers are one of the areas I wanted to "skimp" on as they just aren't a priority to me. We're spending about 3-4% of our budget in that area and about 5% of the total budget is going towards lighting/draping.
  • We're budgeting about $8,000-10,000 for flowers. We'll have about 20 tables, 6 bridesmaids, and 6 groomsmen.

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  • We have 5 BMs and 5 GMs and 20 tables, but I've spent the last 9 months collecting vintage bottles and vases, each of which will have a couple flowers or leaf sprigs. That alone cut my budget down. I'm buying some boxwood garlands wholesale. In general, I want more greenery than flowers - and we're using garden roses, morning glories, and ranunculus. So if you don't count the cost of the bottles I've bought, we will be spending $1200 total on flowers. It was an area I didn't want to put a lot of money into, since we'll only get a day's use out of them.
  • Flowers were our biggest money saver. We spent only $1100 for everything we needed.
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  • We didn't go in with a budget for flowers, I been quoted almost $5,000 (including vase rentals, candles, crystals hanging down from centerpieces and also from the gazebo, set up and they will  will be transferring  2 of my tall florals from the ceremony to the reception) but, I just  hired a wedding planner last minute and we are going to change around a lot of things sooo I honestly don't know if it will be going up or down. We dont have a budget, we just have a number that I refuse to go over. So, as of right now we are only at like 2% of our number I refuse to go over. 

  • We didn't know what to expect with flowers (They can be so expensive).. but have 20/21 tables and 5 GMs and 5 BMs and then parents and grandparents and a flower girl. A way we found to save money was to do alternating sizes of the table center pieces. Some tall and some smaller, which also makes the room look less over the top/crowded. We are doing some flowers at the ceremony at the church as well. Alternating on the pews. Our total is coming to around 5K. I didn't have too much to say about flowers, I just wanted blue orchids in my bridal bouquet and that was my main concern :)
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  • We probably would've spent about $4K - $6K, based on other weddings I've seen in my area. A close friend who has a wedding floral side business is doing my flowers and it'll be about $1000-$1500, which is about 2% of our budget. Also, we're barely into the "real" planning for the flowers, so the price might quite possibly change between now and the wedding next October! :)
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  • we're spending $5k which is about 8% of our budget - we did get a 10% discount on the flowers because our florist is an old friend.  we have 15 tables with centerpieces, two large pieces for the altar, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, a handful of corsages, and flowers for the top of the cake.  FI doesn't want bouts, so i think we may just do pocket squares or something instead.  for cocktail hour we're just doing bowls of floating candles - the florist is providing these even though flowers aren't technically involved.
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