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Hey ladies.  I just had to share this with all of you too.  I am so dang excited right now.  I've always wanted to do a TTD shoot, but I didn't think we'd have time to do one.  We are leaving the day after the wedding for our HM, and then we are landing back in Auckland 2 days before we head back to California.  So there is this photographer that I absolutely LOVE, and I wanted them to shoot the wedding.  But the wedding photographer was Mike's decision, and he chose a different photographer.  My heart has been broken ever since.  But I still follow the blog of the other photographer that I love.  So they had just posted 2 TTD shoots that they did, and I was in love all over again.  So I talked to Mike about maybe emailing them to see if we could do it the night we land back in Auckland.  He said it wouldn't hurt to ask.  So I emailed them.  And this morning, I heard back.  They said YES!!!!!!!!!!  I am sooooooooo excited, I can't sit still at work.  We are doing a sunset shoot for 2hrs that's going to start at 6pm.  I can't believe I'm getting to do this with them.  I feel like it's a dream come true.  I just wanted to share my excitement!!!!!  Here's a link to their blog so you can see the great shoots they just did (1 and 3, 2 is where we are getting married).

Are any of you doing TTD shoots?  Just curious.
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