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My wedding has a very elegant luxurious feel to it. Were talking top nitch all the way. My original idea for favors was to get mini champagne bottles and hang a paper tag with a metal grommet with the individuals name and table number on one side and a thank you message on the other side so my favors would double as escort cards. Then I got to thinking, the bottles I was looking at would have been $10 per person, not bad as far as cost goes but when I ran the idea past my dad he said I should instead get a bottle of red and a bottle of white and find a nice personalized bag for them and give one per couple or if their is a single they got the two bottles as well and then use regular escort cards. I love the ide aof giving a full size bottle, hell even two, and im suprised because as generous as my dad is with this wedding (paying for everything) I was still trying to keep costs down ya know? so this is my question I have found a bag that i like that holds two bottles should I go with the two bottle idea per couple or instead splurge  on one better quality bottle of champagne in a nice personalized bag per couple?
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  • I guess I'd prefer to walk away with a bottle of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque or Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame than wine... but I'm not a fan of wine so I'm biased. I think champagne sets a way more elegant tone, too. MH who is a little particular generally prefers to select his own wine so he probably wouldn't be impressed with a wine favour either. The only exception would be if it were "casereccio" (homemade). Indeed, that's what we'll be giving as favours, casereccio wine from my family's vineyard with personalized labels. I was thinking of placing the bottles in large baskets but bags sound good as well.
  • I'm a wine girl so I'd rather receive the two bottles. However, I agree with the PP and think that champagne has a more elegant tone. If you think your guests would love the champagne, then I'd go that route. We're having 5 different favors, and one of those is two bottles of wine as well. We thought about doing champagne instead but I know our family/friends prefer wine over champagne.
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  • I'm a bit of a wine snob so please don't be offended by this but if 1 small bottle of champagne is the splurge then I would go that way. 2 bottles of wine for less than $10 is a little scary to me.
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