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Introducing Myself

I think I am in love with this board. I have been lurking around the knot for a little more than a month now and I was getting a little discouraged by some of the snark and disapproval over costs and choices and even emotions! This board seems a lot more my tempo and rationale and all of you ladies seem genuinley sweet!

FI and I are getting married on August 24th in Southern New Jersey. We have been together for 3 years and have a beautiful 20 month old daughter. Our wedding is a beach occasion compromise. I originally wanted a 10 person ceremony kind of deal, barefoot in the sand and FI always wanted a "traditional" wedding so we found a venue with a classy feel, that has a boathouse chapel that extends over the water. Our venue is amazing it is 4 floors, the first floor is a cocktail area, the second floor is the reception level which is an open air dance floor with a wrap around deck and the third floor has 10 guest suites that are deisgned as if regular rooms in a home, not hotel like at all, and the best part is the 3,000 square foot 4th floor bridal suite! I wanted a very intimate feel to our wedding and having our closest family members spend the night and have breakfast with us the morning after (which also happens to be my birthday) really gave me that intimate vibe while giving FI the "traditional" wedding. If you can't tell I am obsessed with my venue, it was the first one we toured and after looking at 15 others, they all failed in comparison. 

Since we are getting married on the water and there are tiffant blue inlays in the reception room ceiling we are going with a blue color palette that ranges from Navy to teal to Tiffany blue. I never really had a set theme or "must have" colors so I have kind of let everything fall into place where it has and it seems to be turning out beautifully. 

Just today I made appointments to visit possible rehersal dinner locations and helped my mom with some shower planning (I know, I know, don't plan your shower, it's rude and tacky I swear I just helped with some little porjects). 

My invitations were actually mailed last Tuesday too and I already have 4 responses! So far all four responses are yes! I know that it's extremley early to mail invitations when the wedding isn't until the end of August, but we are getting married in LBI which is a shore destination in Jersey and stuffed to the gills during the summer so we were unable to book a block of rooms (even over a year in advance) so in order for everyone to find accomodations, early notice was a must!

I am also ecstatic since two of my 5 bridesmaids recently visited from NYC and confirmed the weekend for the bachelorette party, turns out we are going to the Hamptons for the weekend and I can't wait!

I look foward to getting to know all of you!
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Re: Introducing Myself

  • Welcome and congrats on getting so much accomplished! I'm actually a South Jersey girl myself :) Was born and raised there and now split my time between AZ and CO.

    It's really a shame that some of the other boards can't be open minded about the fact that not every bride has the same budget or same priorities. I got ripped to shreds over my HM (apparently I spent way too much), made fun of when I posted a pic of my veil and in the background you saw my bed without a bed skirt (Apparently well to do brides have to have bed skirts even though my cat ripped mine to shreds), and got crap over having a DJ versus a band. Last time I checked, it was MY wedding and I don't like wedding bands! LOL This is all from my first wedding back in 2004, BTW. I even said that the snarkiness was jealousy and then I had the term "Jellous" attached to me since my Knot name was Jells. Yes, this all happened on here! This board didn't exist back then, so I was thankful to be able to come in here and share some of the details and lessons I learned when planning. I'm not exactly having a luxury wedding this time around, since it's just me and my FI on an island, but to me, it's a bit over the top for a two person event! I tried to be more budget minded this time around because I learned that fancy weddings don't necessarily mean happily ever after, not to mention this time it's all on my dime, but that went right out the window as soon as I started planning! :)

    Anyway, feel free to contribute as you see fit!


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