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Hi :)

I'm new to this board and basically out of place everywhere on TK (lol).
Nice to meet you, I'm a nestie who's planning a vow renewal in Italy. I was hoping I could hang out here too...

Not sure if it will actually be a "luxury" vow renewal but in my mind... it sure is! :)

Re: Hi :)

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    Congratulations and welcome! (: A vow renewal in Italy sounds amazing.
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    I had the fancy traditional luxury wedding for my first marriage, but post over here to share some of my insights from that. So, you are certainly welcome! I'm getting remarried now and having a destination wedding that is sort of an elopement (everyone knows but noone is invited) in Australia. I still think it's a luxury since we're spending quite a bit on a wedding for two! We actually considered Italy for the wedding (we stayed at Villa d'Este back in 07 and thought it would be the perfect place to marry) but we decided we wanted something tropical and more isolated :)


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    Hello and thanks for the welcome!

    Jells - which Villa D'Este, the hotel on Lago di Como or the one near Rome in Tivoli? The one near Rome is actually on our list of potential venues, whereas Como would be too far.

    We're basically doing the opposite you did :) We had an intimate luxury DW last year and are planning a bigger celebration for this vow renewal. Our whole families are in Europe, most of them in Italy where we're from.

    Let's see how much it costs us *_*  *_*  *_*
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    Hello and welcome!

    H and I had a private DW at a castle in Ireland in December of 2011 (I can't believe it's been 7 months!).  We didn't spend a "luxurious" amount (our total was < 15K) but we definitelt felt like King and Queen 
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    Sounds fantastic! We didn't spend an outrageous amount either, especially thanks to some elements that we didn't have to pay for, which allowed us to invest more in other areas. What you did for your wedding Elle, is pretty much what I'm envisioning for the vow renewal... we had the glamour the first time around and now want the timeless for the "encore" :) I'm so thrilled!
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    Hello and welcome :) I am doing a DW but with 300 guests lol
    I love that on here there is the full spectrum of different kinds of wedding!
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