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Online Gift Registries?

Hey Ladies!

I was on a website where I came across online gift registeries.  Basically your guests can contribute to your honeymoon, a new home, etc.  Has anyone ever heard of these? 


Re: Online Gift Registries?

  • Yes!  Me and my fiancé have a honeymoon registry and honeyfund.com and it will treat us to fun things while we are away!  Definitely an option on top of your typical BBB registries that is fun and different!
  • Yes - we've recently gone to several weddings that had a honeymoon fund.  We didn't contribute, but purchased a gift instead.  Sorry, but IMHO I don't want to give my money so a couple can go blow it on a Carribean cruise.  I would rather give something that is practical for your everyday married life.  Now had it been a house fund....well, that we might have considered. 
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