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Confused.... and frustrated! Vent

Hi, I am sorry and I realize that this got too long, I tried to highlight the important parts while still including all the details.

My sister is driving me crazy.

We have not had a good relationship for a long time.
She is about two years older than me, but we were always a grade apart. This meant that we were involved in a lot of the same things with a lot of the same people. She hated this, we weren't allowed to have the same friends, she wanted nothing to do with me. She's jealous of me, for whatever reason I just cannot figure out. Basically we are not at all close. I however continue to put forth some sort of effort, because she is my sister! I want us to get along.

So, I got engaged about a month ago
. It happened in the evening and my family didn't know about it (except for, it had sort of been hinted at to my mother through a text message from one of her friends at church. oops... so they were all suspicious). I got home a little after 12, told my mom and my dad, went into my sister's room (btw, I am 20 living at home going to college and my sister was home for the summer from college) to tell her. She was sleeping, so I proceeded to shake her, and pull off her covers, etc. to wake her up. I told her I had exciting news and that Brandon had given me something that night, it was shiny, and on my left hand, blah blah blah. I all but pulled her out of the bed trying to tell her my news. Her only response... I'm sleepy, leave me alone.

That hurt.

And I have for some reason continued to try and get her involved by telling her about things and showing her things and asking her opinion. And I've gotten pretty much nothing so I have given up for the most part.

Apparently, people have been asking her about her involvement in the wedding, and she is all upset because she doesn't know what it is yet. No one knows yet except for my MOH (which no surprise, is not my sister... more on that in a moment). I am right in the middle of school, it's more than a year away, I am not thinking about it right now.

So, she is unhappy because she is not my MOH. My best friend, someone who actually cares about me, and is nice, and excited for me is instead. She for some odd reason thinks that because she is my sister she should automatically be awarded that honor - I on the other hand do not see it that way. I went and talked to her the other night, told her how hurt I was by what happened, explained how I am tired of bringing things to her just to be shot down, and so I have stopped. I told her that I am very on the fence about her even being a bridesmaid right now because of the way she is acting.

I need her to show me that she is interested in my wedding at this point, that she cares at all about anything... wants to support me. And I told her that. Now, you would think that any SANE person would understand this. Instead she tells me, fine I just won't come to your wedding, so I don't ruin your day.

Is that what I asked of her?? NO! Really, if she is soooo torn up about this why can't she see it from where I am and understand how I am feeling? She flat out told my mother that if she could be my MOH she wouldn't even be a bridesmaid... because it "just isn't right"

Is this really too much to ask of her? Seriously

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