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Another Couple Questions- This time about Bridesmaids

So I have a matron of honor who is my cousin, she is more like my sister and i love her to death.  But my best friend of 10 years is a bridesmaid but I really want to make her maid of honor too.  Is it to late to ask her to be maid of honor (my wedding is in Oct)?  I just want her to realize how much I appreciate her help and support and to be honest, our friendship is on a different level than my other bridesmaids. Aside from that, what are you getting your girls? This is what I have in mind...a plush robe, mani-pedi, and wine tasting. I dont want to get them random stuff like make-up bags or jewelry because they are all so different. I would rather give them something we can all use together. My mom and I planned to close down a nail place for a mimosa brunch and we are going to pay for eveyone to get mani-pedis.

Re: Another Couple Questions- This time about Bridesmaids

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    I have been thinking about BM gifts as well.....I'm still torn between two ideas.  Like your BMs, mine are all really different in terms of interests/style etc...  I do know that all of them enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, so my first idea is to put together a gift basket with several wines, wine charms, personalized cork stoppers, wine glasses etc... OR my other idea was to get them a girlier gift - like a mani/pedi and a coach wristlet like one of these (but get each one in a style that they might like) http://www.coach.com/online/handbags/-walletswristlets_wristlets-10551-10051-5000000000000013513-en?t1Id=5000000000000013510&t2Id=5000000000000013513&tier=2&gclid=COP7wpq86ZsCFSEhDQodTjUu5A&langId=-1&storeId=10551&storeId=10551&catalogId=10051&cid=PSGo0012&bannerCode=PSGo0012#
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    I think it's fine to have both a Matron and a Maid of Honor. I've been to weddings where that's been done or there have been to Maid of Honors.I gave my girl's pedi's, a jewelry box and their wedding day jewelry. We did the same thing at the nail place - brought wine and some snacks the morning of the wedding.
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    I had a maid of honor and matron of honor at my wedding and no bridesmaids. It worked out great! I gave mine the earrings and necklace to wear for the wedding since they picked their own dress and shoes for the wedding in black. I also gave them a bunch of other goodies that I knew they would like.
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    I have bought them their jewelry (a long strand of baroque pearls and earrings) and each of them a different clutch. We are also going to do the mani-pedi thing, and maybe a massage.~Julie
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    rmfriedman- i love the idea of coach wristlets but i actually bought to my bridesmaids wristlets for x-mas so i can't do that again.  my maid of honor told me last night that they do not want matching jewelry, which i figured they didnt.  i have two BMs who are 25 and three that are 30 and over, married with kids so they are all different and I definitely can imagine them wearing the same jewelry.  I might buy them coordinating jewelry in their own personal style. thanks girls!
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    I bought my MOH and BM's stuff that had nothing to do with the wedding. IMO, that's what a gift is- something for you; not something for you to wear on my day. *This is just my opinion* and not a criticism of other ladies. I was very fortunate in that two of my BM's were my little sisters, (aged 22 and 21) so my Mom and Stepdad bought their dresses and paid for their mani/pedis as part of the wedding budget, so I had the luxury of more flexibility in my gifts. Had I not, I would have still bought unrelated items, but cheaper ones.
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    cikelle- i agree with you completely. i think im gonna go with what i said in the original post and then some personal to them.
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    As for too late on the MOH question- no, it's not too late.Personal story: At first, I was all about the symmetry, and since DH is the quiet type, I was limited to 3. With two sisters and a superBFF, that was my list, even though my close friend Jenn was always in the back of my mind. I asked them all in May, about 2 days after getting engaged, and a year before my wedding.Fast forward to January: One of DH's BM's can't do it- family illness stuff. So, now we're at 3:2. Okaaaay. I go to Colorado for vacation to visit my MOH, and also to go visit my Father's grave. While there, I realized something so obvious I felt ashamed for not seeing it earlier- I couldn't have my Dad at my wedding for circumstances beyond my control, so I was [email protected] if I wasn't going to have ALL the people who mattered that were within my control. (Bad grammar, but the point is still there).I called her that night and asked her, apologizing for not asking sooner. She leapt at the offer, and was really fine with the timeline.  I will NEVER regret that choice. She had so much fun with the rest of the WP, was a *really* big help with everything, and she bonded with my MOH and little sisters during the experience.Best decision ever.Call your friend, make her the MOH, honor the level of your friendship, and you will not regret it.The end..:o)
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