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So I am in he process of making hair, make-up and nail appointment for myself and my girls. Since most of them are a bit tight on cash I'm leaving the make-up and nails optional (they can do it themselves if they want, we'll just agree on an appropriate pallate). However one of my girls says she wants to get her hair done with us, but her nails and make-up done on her own the morning of the wedding somewhere different then the rest of us. This girl is known for running late and taking her time.

I don't have a problem with her not getting make-up etc done with us, but I do have a problem with her getting it done some place completely different while we're all waiting around my mom's or the salon we're at, for her to finish and make her way back to us. I feel it's either with us at the salon or nothing (at least being there with us, not leaving to do her own thing then coming back). I've mentioned this and she said she supposed she saw my point but she needed to "talk it over with her mom first." Now this girl is 24, 25 at the time of the I see no need for her to have her mom's approval to do what I would like to have done for OUR wedding.


Anyone have any words of advice?

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