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Twins & MOH

Hello everyone. I have a bit of an unusual situtation and I was hoping to get opinions.  I have been friends with a twins since we were in second grade.  I am slightly better friends with one than the other, and I am about to ask her to be my Matron of Honor.  What should I do about her twin?  She is also a very good friend and I don't want her to feel left out.  As she is not married yet, should I ask her to be a Maid of Honor and just have both a Matron and Maid of Honor? Thanks for your advice/suggestions!

Re: Twins & MOH

  • It's totally fine to have both.
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  • it's totally fine to have both but it's also totally fine to have the one you're closer to be the MOH and the other a BM or just a guest.  H's BM and one of his GM were actually twins (not identical, so you wouldn't know from our photos, but they are).  While the three of them have always been good friends it was no secret that H and BM were a little closer, and there were no hard feelings.
  • I am a twin myself. My sister and I have shared friends for years, some of which we are closer to than the other. We understand this and I personally would not be hurt if one of our friends choose her over me to be a MOH. I would still try to include the other sister as a BM if you are almost as close to her as you are to her sister who will be the MOH.
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  • I think it's fine to make them both MOH, but don't do it just because they are twins. I truly don't think it will cause hurt feelings if you are obviously closer to one.
  • They may be twins, but they're two people, not one.

    I'm also childhood friends with twins, and quite honestly, I've always thought of them as separate people and would have no problem with one as BM and one as MOH if that's the scenario I were in.

    Now if we were talking about 4 year old twin girls and you wanted one to be a flower girl and one to be nothing...different story. Laughing

    These are presumably adult women, so you'll be fine with whatever you choose.
  • Thanks to everyone, your advice was really helpful!  I asked them both and they couldn't be happier!
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