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3 months to go - and bridesmaid is getting a half-sleeve

I'm looking for some wedding is in 3 months and one of my girls just informed me that she is getting a half sleeve tattoo. I actually don't mind tattoos - this girl has 5-6 (including one across her whole upper back) and my other 4 girls all have visable tattoos. I love my friends and their tattoos are a part of them. What I'm freaked out about is that the girl in question has gotten increasingly eccentric tattoos as time has gone on and 3 months out is a very short time for a half-sleeve to get done (and I'm very much hoping it will be done by the wedding - unfinished tattoos are ugly, in my opinion) - when I asked her what she was getting done, her response was "you'll see ;)" (via text).....I am a classic type a personality and not knowing what she is getting done (especially given her more recent tattoos) is freaking me out. Do I just suck it up and deal with the fact that my *day* doesn't affect their lives and just hope I like what she ends up getting or can I tell her that not knowing what she is getting is making me anxious. I realize this is a very thin ice type of situation so I just am wondering what the best way to deal (or not to deal) would be.

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