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Have you ever had those moments where you were doubting all the vendors that you picked?I love my choices, but I will occasionally look at photographers, dresses or wedding blogs and think why didn't I do or choose that? Am I just crazy or does anyone else feel that way?~Julie

Re: Doubts?

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    Yes, absolutely....although with my luck lately, maybe for a good reason!!! haha.  But in all honesty, I think we all do that to ourselves.  There are so many options for everything, it's easy to second guess yourself.  I try to trust myself and remember that I loved it at the time I booked, so I'm sure it will be ok. 
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    That is so normal! I have been doing the same lately and now i seem to see a lot more choices and ideas but all will be well!
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    Definitely!  The other day I even went back to look at one of my contracts to see what it would cost me to back out.  Then I sat back, re-evaluated and realized how ridiculous I was being!
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    You aren't the only one. We finally put the deposit down for our reception venue yesterday. While it's historically significant for me and my family to have my wedding mass/ reception at San Fernando....it's too small and we're limited in what we can do with the space given for the reception.What are you doubting?
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    Oy!I have a lot of doubts.Example: I keep looking at dresses, and I wished that I picked a simpler one, since it limits my options with accessories.Example: I loooooove the shoes that I picked out. In fact, I saw them on someone else a few days ago, which confirmed that I thought that they were awesome. I keep wavering on them because the heel is way higher than I usually wear. The tallest heel that I have worn in the past is a 3 incher, and I bought shoes that have a 4 inch heel. I may fall over, but most of the heels that I have been seeing lately are really high.Example: We did not hire someone to do a video. Should I have? ACK! It is pretty endless.~Julie
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    I definitely understand! A couple of days after my FI and I had booked the church and the venue, I was beginning to have my doubts-wondering if I should have taken a look at other places beforehand. There's no going back now, but I think it all boils down to worrying if EVERY decision you make for the big day is the right one. I mean, it IS the MOST important day of your life...or so they say...haha. Regardless, most of the doubt is anxiety. Really and truly, the most important decision to make is the one you already did-you said yes to the man that loves you. As long as you have that down, I'm sure everything will work out :)
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    lol! I have the same problem with heels since I'm flat footed. I guess just wear them all the time so you're used to them by then.
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    I've had some doubts. It's why I haven't settled on a cake person yet. I'm also worried about my dress which is suppose to come in late August. I know I'm not getting married til next summer but I just fell in love with the dress I chose. It just worries me that it'll just feel different when I go look at it again. I guess it's just natural :)
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    My advice is to just stop looking at things once you settle on one. There will always be something a little better out there, but at some point you have to just decide that you love what you have and don't look anymore. Doing so will just make you doubt.
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