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At the start of all this wedding planning things seemed to be great. then slowly they started falling apart. i had one BM just stop talking to me all together, so she made her choice to not be in the wedding anymore. then the MOH and Best Man got a divorce....yeah talk about bad timing. so we changed the order adn i asked my sister to be the MOHso the newly divorced couple did not have to be paired together, however she would be be my Matron of Honor even though she was officially divorced. no big deal everyone was happy. then right before christmas the Best Man called and said he coudl not be in the wedding anymore because his ex-wife would be there, now he is my FI cousin, so he will be invited anyways whats the point of not being in the WP if your still invited. so my Fi then had to ask someone else to step in. Oh and one of the other BM's still doesnt have their dress yet. we only have about 4 months to go so time is getting short, i have no clue what to do anymore. i cant wait for the wedding day so i can stop worrying about all this stuff.

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    It sucks that all these things are happening in the lives of your friends.  While I agree they should be mature enough to stand in the same room together, I think you are making things a lot more dramatic than they need to be by moving everyone around and replacing people.  The sides don't have to be even, the MOH doesn't HAVE to walk with the best man.  There are no rules.

    These people are supposed to be your closest friends and family.  They aren't decorations to be moved around, switched, and replaced.
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