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My maid of Honor is a male. Yes, he's gay, but thats not why he's my MOH, he's my MOH because he's my best friend (after my fiance, of course). Originally i was going to have a close girlfriend, but after really thinking it through, it just didnt feel right for it to be anyone but him.I know there are alot of different ways of going about this, as it is becoming more and more common. I want him standing next to me during the ceremony. His boutineer is different than the groomsmen boutineers. How else do i made it known that he is NOT just another groomsmen?Do i have him walk down the isle ahead of me? or stand up front where the rest of the guys will be at the start of the processional? How do i refer to him in the program? is "man of honor" politically correct? (i know all of this is my choice, and i could do any of this whatever way i want... but i'm looking for opinions from other brides).Has anyone else had a male MOH? What did you do special for him? How was he recieved by your guests?
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Re: MAN of honor.

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    I agree with a lot that has been said. I will have a "Man of Honor" too. I like the idea of having a different colored tie/vest or whatever. Mine will probably have a bow tie since that's his thing. See what he is comfortable with when it comes to how he enters. He may feel strange walking down the aisle by himself and having him standing up there waiting on your side sounds nice. If you have a ring bearer and a flower girl, maybe he could help them walk down the aisle just before you do. Just as a thought. Hooray for more "Men of Honor!"
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