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Advice Please :)

Hello ladies, I need your advice on my bridesmaids and their dresses. I had my mind made up from the very beginning that i would allow the girls to choose their own style of dress in the same color since they are all different in shape and size. My best friend went early and bought her dress pretty early. When the dress arrived my mom saw it and thought that although i am letting them go with their own style of dress that i should ask that they keep it the same material as my friends since it is real nice and flowy (Chiffon) and would be perfect for our outdoor ceremony and also ask that they pick a style where they're shoes can be seen since I want them to wear the same shoes. I fell that if i ask that of them it would be too much and I could have just set aside one dress for all. Also, my colors for the wedding are Tiffany blue, Canary yellow, and white. I wanted my MOH to wear a canary yellow dress since the girls will be wearing tiffany and all the dresses will be a different style so she could stand out by wearing the yellow, but my Fiance said the best man doesn't want to wear yellow so now I don't know what i can do to set my MOH aside from the other girls, i was thinking keeping it tiffany blue but maybe have her wear a long dress since the other girls will be wearing a dress where the shoes can be seen? What do ya'll think? Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would put the best man and groomsmen in black ties.  They don't have to match the girls.  You could also incorporate the yellow and blue in their bouts if you wanted also.
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    Yeah-I agree with irish dancer. The groomsmen do not need to match your bridal party. I pretty much did the same thing as you, I gave my ladies a designer and color and told them to pick out whatever they would like. I am actually really happy with the results. Everyone picked a different dress, but they all have a similar neckline.~Julie
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    my men arent matching the ladies so i dont think that really matters.  i gave my girls a designer, color, and tea-length. i dont care about anything else. if you cut of the guys matching the girls, that will solve a lot of problems.
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    Yes...I would agree with the ladies. Groomsmen do not always need to match. Could her dress accomidate a matching color sash with the groom tuxedo?
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    If you have the groomsmen tuck a handkerchief into their pocket it could match their opposite for your ceremony. It's subtle but it'll also stand out if you get what I mean. Then if you want follow it with their boutonnieres using flowers that coordinate with your colors.
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    Ah, poor Best Man. Here it is, his super special day, and the bride is messing it all up with her simple request. Gosh, how rude!!!!What a [email protected]$$. Tell him he's wearing a yellow tux now, because he whined.Seriously, though, make his bout dominantly yellow- ribbon, large bloom, whatever- and the other GM's the same detail but in blue.You already set the dress situation up one way, and that's the budget people understood when they said 'yes' to being in your wedding. You can recommend the chiffon to your girls, but to require it might affect them in a way they hadn't anticipated.You are being a good bride, sensitive to the needs of those she loves and protective of your relationship with them. Don't go overboard in being accomadating and end up letting them dictate your wedding to you.
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    Aww, those are great suggestions! I will talk them over with my fiance and see what he thinks as far as the best man and the groomsmen go. My MOH is planning to order her dress on thursday, hopefully by then I will know what to do. I think I will just go ahead and tell her to get the yellow we both wanted her to wear. Cikeller, Tell me about it! I figured to make him happy I would just tell my MOH to wear the blue, but I guess by doing that to make him happy I'm not making myself or the MOH happy. He'll just have to get over it! I'm trying my hardest not to become a bridezella, but in doing that I am also putting others needs and wants above my own! We'll see how it all works out! Thanks Ladies!
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