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when to order bridesmaid dresses

I fell in love with a bridesamid dress from david's bridal. I keep reading horror stories about davids bridal and I had a horrible experience when I went in and so I'm worried about getting dresses from them but I really want these dresses. How early can you ask your bridesmaids to order their dresses? I'd feel much better once everyone had their dress but our wedding is still 10 months away.

Re: when to order bridesmaid dresses

  • Talk to your girls and find out there budget. Then call if you don't want to in and ask when the dresses should get there. Base you decision off that just remember you will need time for fittings and possible alterations.
  • First, talk to your BMs and ask them to be in the wedding if you haven't done so.  You're just at the point where it's starting to be OK to ask people and if you're already done so, OK.Next, talk to each BM individually and ask her what she's OK with spending on a dress.  After that, determine if the dress you like at DB fits your BMs budget.THEN, try to schedule a shopping trip with your BMs or send them a link to the dress.  They should try it on so you can get feedback on whether or not it's something that they like  (all of this can be done around the 6 or 7 month mark).After they give you feedback on the dress, contact DB and find out their lead time.  That tells you when you need to order the dress.  Ordering at 10 months is way too soon.
  • Ditto PPs.  Ask your BMs, find out their budgets, and have *them* try on the dress.  The dress you adore may look simply awful on one or all of them, and you really don't want uncomfortable BMs.  Also, I would check your local boards and see if anyone can recommend a DB that they had good experiences with.  It may not be the one closest to you, but less hassle will definitely make it worth it. 
  • I actually bought my wedding dress from David's Bridal, in PA.  They were very accomidating and listened to what I wanted.  I now live in Indiana and they shipped the dress to me for free and I will get it altered where I live.
  • have your bm try on teh dress. If they like it then it is fine . DB is not bad. However I woudl wait to order for a few months still keeping and eye on it in case it gets discontinued but women change sizes a lot in 10 months (pregnancy , wieght gain, weight loss, ect ) so waiting till about 4 months would save your friends a lot in alterations. In teh mean time you can also watch ebay for the dress in your color and their size they might be able to buy it used once for around $30-40
  • I would definitely call DB and see when they will carry this dress until because they change the styles they offer seasonally.
  • i was told 6-9 months before the wedding because sometimes they run out of the style if you wait to late. Also David's Bridal retires some of their bridesmaid dresses so you want to make sure they will still have it in if you wait for later.
  • I got my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding at DB and didn't have any problems.  I can't speak for my own BMs- they just ordered theirs last month, but they were able to do that without incident.  Hopefully everything will come in the way it's supposed to.  We looked at BM dresses around April, and I left it to the girls to order them when they were able.  We found out last month that the styles we chose were going to be discontinued, so the girls had to order them fairly quickly after that.  Luckily everyone was able to get their size.   
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