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Hi Everyone.I don't think I've ever posted on this board before so hello!  Thanks for your help!I'd like to get my groom a small, but very meaningful gift for the big day. He recent gave me a dress label, monogrammed with a quote for us. It was very sweet and he gave it to me now so that I could have it sewn into my dress. Very cute! Here is the quote that he wrote: "Meant to be by each others' sides and in each others' hearts."I would like to do something for him using this quote, but don't know what!  It could involve a picture of us, It could involve something for the wedding day. I don't know!  I was actually thinking about getting him a dress label to keep in his pocket. But, I think it would be nice if I could think of something other than what he did for met exactly. Before he came up with this cuteness, I was going to get him cufflinks from Etsy. One with Egypt - our honeymoon location and one with Pittsburgh - our wedding location. This was pretty good, I thought, but I love his quote. Maybe I'll do both!I welcome your suggestions and vendor suggestions too!Thanks in advance!LeighOctober 24, 2009

Re: Present for my groomie

  • I think this is really something you need to figure out on your own. I'm not saying that you shouldn't receive help thinking of stuff, but you know your FI better than anyone. So you probably know of stuff he needs, wants, likes or little inside jokes between the two of you. I think the cufflinks are a good idea. Very creative and meaningful.
  • Only you know the stuff that you FI really likes. Think of the items he likes and ways to personalize them. For example, DH hasca thing for watches so I'd consider engraving one of his. You could also engrave his wedding band with the same message.
  • Thanks, girls, appreciate your posts! I love the cufflinks idea and I know FI will love it. But I heart his quote so much that I want to do something with it too. I may do the dress label in addition to the cufflinks. I was just hoping some of that amazing knottie wisdom might have an idea that is totally sweet that I hadn't though of. We do want to engrave the wedding bands, too! Thank you for the suggestion, but we decided on something simple that will already be on both bands. The quote is a little long, unfortunately. Thanks again!Leigh
  • Oh, my, mbcdefg, thank you so much! I just looked at your bio and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cat table numbers. We have been searching and lamenting the fact that our beloved cat, Lily, will not be part of the big day. This is really such a sweet idea. I really want to do it. Let me know if you've taken pictures yet and how it went. I may go to Michael's this weekend to try to find wooden table numbers. My email is thompsonleigh at if you have any tips. thanks!Leigh
  • I got them from brie2010's bio ... a link to her bio should be under the pics. She had the idea, I just linked to her photos as inspiration (the tabby looks like my cat, but is not :P).We didn't take the pics of our own cats yet, but if/when we do I'll put some in my bio.
  • What about an engraved pocket watch? I found a really good one that I got for my FI before we were even engaged, and he uses it on every special occasion. I had it engraved with our names, the year I gave it to him, and a quote "Time stands still for us". Corny, I know, but he liked it.If you did that, he'd be able to have it on him for the wedding!
  • I love that quote! How about having it embroidered on his pocket hanky? I think it would fit. Good luck!
  • Ditto PP, I think an embroidered hanky would be nice :)
  • Thanks, girls!  I ordered him the cufflinks and the embroidered hankie. :)  I appreciate your comments!Leigh
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