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maid of honor question?

So my fiance is having 2 best men.  To guys it honestly doesn't matter who is the best man or not.  I am going to have two maids of honors but I was wondering if I could call one a matron and one a maid of honor.  They are both married so I didn't know what to do.  I was the maid of honor in one of the girls weddings that I am picking as my MOH.  I'm must so confused.  Do they both make speeches?

Re: maid of honor question?

  • If they are both married they are both Matrons Matron=married Maid=unmarried That being said my maid of honour is married and will be called  "maid of honour".  She specifically asked not to be called "Matron"  because it made her feel old.   
  • They are both called matrons since they are married and no no one has to make a speech if they don't want to. I never heard of it. I did do it at my MOH wedding and also had it mine. But until I did it I never saw it a wedding before.
  • Like PPs said, if they're both married then they're both matrons of honor.If they want to make a speech it's fine - but they're not required of anyone.
  • If you want them both to be MOH, ask them both to be MOH.  I personally don't like the term "matron" because I think of a prudish fishwife when I hear the term, but that's just me.  Sides don't have to be even--we had one more BM than GM and one of the GM was so happy to escort two lovely ladies down the aisle (he actually requested he get to walk two).
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  • If both are married both are matrons of honor matron means married woman maid is unmarried  
  • I had two maids of honor. It ended up working out fine but there was quite a bit of conflict throught the planning year. One was insulted she wasn't the ONLY one. But she didn't help at all. The OTHER maid of honor was a great help, but then she started to feel slighted because the other one didn't help and had the same title. ::sigh:: girls! But they BOTH did speeches. They both signed the marriage certificate. The one stood next to me at the church, the other sat next to me at dinner and did her speech first. My husband only had one best man, but had his first groomsman come up with us to sign the certificate as well, which made things more even.
  • Yes they would both be called Matrons of Honor. If you don't like that title, you can just call them Honor Attendants. If you want both of them to give speeches give them a time limit no longer than a minute, because your guests don't want to hear long winded ones, short,sweet and to the point.
  • Maid or matron depend son if there are married or not. They can both make a toast or neither of them. It's up to you and them. My sister/ MOH will most likely not give a toast, but one of my other BM might.
  • I agree.  Sides don't have to match.  I had a maid of honor and a man of honor at my wedding.  Hubs just had a bm.  I'm in a wedding in 2011 where there are two best men and me the matron of honor.  It's whatever you want as a couple.However you can NOT call a married woman a maid.  Just FYI.
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  • I am having two maids of honour, my two sisters. I can't choose! I will label them both as Maid of Honours in my programs too... I don't care what people think.I told them that they can both make a speech if they wanted to or if they wanted to take turns, whatever makes them more comfortable.
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  • Just remember that it's "Maids of Honor," not "Honors."
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