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I am having five in my bridal party and all of the girls are my friends, my cousin and my fiancee's sister.  However, my fiancee is having his brother, brother in law, two friends and his dad.  The only person left out of the wedding party is his sister in law.  I am not that close with her and I really do not want the bridal party any bigger.  I am getting a lot of pressure to have the sister in law in the bridal party as well, what do I do?  I do not want to start a fight and I do want her to be involved.

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    It is his sister in law. If he wants her in the wedding she can stand on his side. You don't have to put her in the wedding if you don't want her to be in it.
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    SIL will be your SIL for a long time. If SHE really wants to, I'd do it to keep the peace. While I agree you shouldn't have to kowtow to others for your BP, I think when it comes to sisters and SILs, the lifetime of peace is worth having one extra person standing next to you holding a bouquet of flowers. I mean, is it worth the family heartache to fight it? Only you can answer that. You don't have to have even sides; we had uneven sides and it worked out fine.
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    Ditto babling.  It can be a great idea or horrible idea to ask a family member to be in the wedding.  Only you know how she acts but as a future sister in law who was asked to be in a wedding, I can tell you that it means a ton to me.
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    Ditto babling and banana.
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    She could be an usher, a reader, stand on his side....etc.
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    My fiance's mom put a lot of pressure on him & I to include his sister-in-law and we actually talked to SIL about it.  She didn't feel offended at all.  And she had no idea that we were being pressured.  I think we're going to ask her to do a reading so she's still a part of it.  So I guess the question is... who is putting the pressure on you and who is this importnat to?  Your SIL might be okay not being in the ceremony also. 
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