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Does anyone have any recommendations for a place/person to do alterations for a decent price? I dont care if it's an individual working out of their house or a company. Thanks! Nicole

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    The Five Star Cleaners on Huebner Rd. (in between Babcock and Prue on Huebner) has a wedding gown specialty store where they do alterations. My alterations cost a little under $200 and they are doing a lot of work on the dress so I think it was a pretty good deal. Good Luck!
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    I love love love Diana Ackerman, she owns the Thread Bender. She is doing my alterations and a custom made veil for under what my dress show was going to charge jsut for the alterations. The dress shop quoted me at 450, and for that I am getting more work done and a custom maid veil. She is super sweet and very helpful. http://www.thethreadbender.com/alterations.html
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    I second Diana Ackerman! She's making extensive alterations to my dress. She charges $50.00 an hour. I'm not sure how that compares to others, I went directly to her without really shopping around. There is a woman named Pilar who does the alterations for Alfred Angelo and I know she's been in business for a long time because she did our alterations for my sister's wedding 10 years ago and she's doing them for my MOH's sister's wedding in a few months. She's very cheap! If you want her info, email me at [email protected] and I'll get it from my MOH.

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    Out of all the places I went to Debi's Bridal was the cheapest for alterations.  Ultimately, though, i took the dress to Five Star Cleaners.  Kinda pricey b ut I wanted someone with lots of experience with wedding gowns.
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    PILAR DUFFNER!!! SHE IS SOOO AMAZING AND SUPER REASONABLE! YOU WILL NOT REGRET GOING TO HER. Her shop is out of her home and she lives off of Culebra and 1604... 
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