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Hey! I was in Walmart of all places today and I had a random thought/idea. I am MOH for my best friend next weekend and I really wanted to put together a cute little "day of survival kit" for her wedding day. Any suggestions? I want it to be something she can relax/enjoy/have fun with. :) Thanks!

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    I had a neighbor put one together for included: needle and thread in my dress color and BM dress color, granola bars, hand sanitizer, bandaids, safety pins, advil, clear nail polish, mints, tampons...probably a few other things! It definitely came in handy...especially the next morning when DH was desperate for advil :)
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    Don't forget a Tide pen and chalk!
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    Deoderant, too.  Be careful with the tide pen on a wedding dress, though.  I remember reading on certain fabrics it will stain.  I also got one of those little Wisp things (mini toothbrushes).  The stuff tasted awful, but it gets the job done.  The kit I made had:  deoderant, tissues, extra makeup for the bride, a sewing kit, Wisps, mints, a nail file, hair spray, bobby pins.. that's most of it. I got almost all of it in the travel size section  in Walmart.  Maybe a nice little card to stick in there with it for her, if you want it to be a small gift. 
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    I second the deoderant suggestion. A disposable razor would be nice, too. What a nice idea!
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    I vote nail clippers and tweezers! At my SIL's wedding they wish they had a crochet (sp) hook to do the bustle since the hoops were so small. I also used white nailpolish to touch up my french manicure. Oh, and double sided tape! It might also be helpful if you brought a can of hair spray.
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    A crochet hook works well also if she has those little buttons on her dress.I did this for a friend a couple of years ago.  I think everything was pretty much covered.  I also had those little oil blot papers and bottled water.  I second lots of safety pins, big and small.  My bustle broke at the wedding and the safety pins my DOC had were a life saver. 
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    Thank-you for all of your ideas! I am very excited to do this for her! :)
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    Very nice of you!  Just a thought, before you buy all the stuff to put it together, you might want to ask her if she already has one or if someone is already doing it for her.  Most brides I know definitely had a survival kit on hand the day of their wedding. 
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