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Bridesmaid Brick Wall...

So my colors are black and white. My bridesmaids vary in height and size so I have decided to have them all wear different black dresses that they all feel comfortable and confident in. My concern is getting them all in the same color black and fabric. Any ideas on good designers? Or places in the area that have amazing, reasonable bridesmaids dresses?

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    I'd find out how much ea bridesmaid is willing to spend and then go to a shop where they can try on dresses by designers in their price range.Then they can pick from the same designer where they'll be in the same fabric but can have dresses tailored to their body types.  David's is one place that does this but many dislike them.
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    My girls went to the place where I got my dress and could pick from similar materials in black. They were able to pick what they liked and what was in their price range there. Three dresses are in and all look black to me.
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    Bill Levkoff has a lot of options, including 2 piece sets. I used Raylia and thought they were pretty reasonably priced.
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