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HELP on Bridesmaids Multiple Colors

I am having 6 bridesmaids and it will be a may wedding. I had an idea of doing multiple colors that go well together and having two girls in each color.View this link...I've put together the 3 colors although the sash may or may not be that green color. I just couldn't change the sash on alfred angelo. just wanted to it too much going on? Should I just stick to pink or pink and purple. ADVICE & HELP really needed!!

Re: HELP on Bridesmaids Multiple Colors

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    i like it, actually. my girls did the same thing
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    The light green sash adds a level of complexity and does not tie them together well how about white or ivory sash. Ask your 6 bm each which color they like best and  which colors they hate because I woudl be sad stuck in green or purple when the others get to wear that pretty pink. But my best friend for example woudl love that purple
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    Yah I just sent an e-mail out with the colors and dresses to get there opinions. i know at least a couple of my girls there fave color isn't pink so I figured maybe this would make them happy   because pink is a necessity for my wedding because I LOOOVE it."Thecatsaidquack" did yal coordinate the tux vests or how did you do that?
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    I think that different colors is a good idea in theory, it just might be a bit hard to pull off depending on the actual colors. I think it'd look best if you stick with all jewel tones, or all tropical colors, etc. I think something like pastels would be trickier because it could look too retro if not done right. I agree with PP, white sashes would probably help keep it more cohesive. And maybe white bouquets as well.If you want to match the tux colors, I'd personally do black vests with colored ties to match their corresponding bridesmaids. I don't think men look as good in colors as women do, generally. I think that matching their vests to the BMs' dresses looks too much like the prom.he menswear is your FI's call in the end, so ask him what he wants to do.
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    I actually really like that color combo.  I would loooove to wear the purple.  I do agree w/ pp that a white or ivory sash would look better.  Maybe you can choose based on the color of your wedding dress.
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    I actually like the look of the different coloured dresses, although personally I would go with a darker purple as opposed to the lavender.Instead of doing different coloured sashes, why not keep them the same colour as the girls' dresses?  Or, if you want to be a bit more creative why not try getting them in the colours of the girls' dresses but mixing them up?  I'm not actually sure how that would look but it sounds interesting ...
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