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Nina Shoes- Design Your Own

Hi Guys,was just wondering if anyone had used design your own shoes (particularly the culver heel 2.5" heel)if so, how did they turn out, were you completely satisfied with the purchase....did they hurt your feet after a while?I'm looking for comfort and fashionable at the same time.Thanks

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    I didn't design my own, but I bought the Paladin 2.5" heel for my upcoming wedding. I absolutely LOVE them.  They look gorgeous and have a nice, cushioned foot bed.  I'm not sure how similar the Culver is.I can't completely say how my shoes will hold up after a night of dancing because we haven't had our wedding yet, but I have been wearing them around the house and they are very comfortable.I love them so much and would definitely recommend them!  Hope this is somewhat helpful.  Good luck!
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    Culver's rock! I love mine, and find them really comfortable. But they are fairly narrow so if you have wide feet it might not be the best option for you.  Truce to size as well.I didn't know you could design your own though, that is pretty neat.
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    I didn't design my own, but I have the Culvers.  I'm wearing silver 2.5" ones for the wedding.  I also have a black pair of the higher heeled ones and those are pretty comfortable in my opinion, so I think the 2.5" ones would be pretty comfortable.
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    I got the Elke LS and I love them
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