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I have an idea of who I want to ask to be my bridesmaids, but I am not good with words. I am not good at telling someone face to face how I feel or exactly what I mean. So, I feel like I am going to have a hard time asking. One has been my friend for almost 20 yrs, but I am better at expressing things in writing to people. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to word it. I was thinking of trying to find cards and then writing something in them. Do they make "will you be my bridesmaid?" cards? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Options'm also better at writing than face-to-face chatting, but I just asked in person. Plus, it was my sister and longtime friend, so I don't really get why it should be difficult. It doesn't have to be a big speech or production: Me: So we booked the wedding for April 10. Would you like to be a bridesmaid?Sister/Friend: Sure!Me: Great! Let me know at some point what you think you can afford for a dress, and we can go shopping for it in a few months. My idea for dresses was XYZ, but we can certainly try things on and see what you like.Sister/Friend: OK, sounds good!The End. I've seen BM cards on or you could make your own, if you really want to do this. I didn't consider it because it's not my thing.
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    You : Friend you know i am getting married X date to FI. Well I would be very happy if you are willing to be a bridesmaid Friend: Sure Jamie I woudl love to this is so great you and Fi are such a great couple
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    Scroll down the page. This question is asked at least once a day. The answers never change.
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    I have a large close group of girlfriends - so everyone has been interested in wedding stuff and always want to talk about it (they are all anticipating engagements, which helps).  So when I decided who I was asking, I asked them individually.  For one, I was looking through picking out bm dresses with her and she found one she thought was pretty and I said, "do you think you'd like to wear that one?" and she looked at me like, Huh?!  and then I asked if she'd be in the wedding and she was thrilled.  That was the best one, I think.
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    I asked this question the other day and one of the ideas that I liked was giving them a bottle of wine or finding a nice picture frame with a poem and a picture of you two! Something personal IMO would be nice! GL!
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