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How did you ask your flower girls?  We spoke with their parents who are excited to have them involved, but I'm not sure how to get the girls excited.  They are 6 years old... any ideas on how to make the invite special for them?  Or do you think they're too young to understand and I should just keep it simple? Thanks in advance!

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    My niece was 6 when asked, 7 at time of wedding.There's a cute little book at B&N called "Will You Be My Flowergilr".  She loved it
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    Keep it simple. Being asked to be a part of the wedding is plenty exciting. I asked my FGs over the phone (they live in another state). I just said we really needed some FGs and I hoped they could help us out. I suddenly heard a crash and muffled screaming. Their mom picked up the phone and explained that they were so excited that they had dropped the phone and started jumping up and down screaming. And they were 9 at the time.
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    I didn't really ask my FG she was only 3 when Fi and I got engaged(she'll be almost 6 at the time of the wedding) I talked to her mother(my cousin) instead because at 3 I didn't really think she would have understood what it was all about. She knows the gist of it now and is really excited about wearing a dress she can "twirl" in. I guess honestly it depends on how old the child is, at 6 I think they can definitely grasp the concept so if possible try planning something cute for her, buy her a little present have a little tea party with her and do it then, it'll be something she'll always remember.
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    Babling- I love that story. I actually didn't ask them directly. DH and I each called their parents and asked. DH's uncle said that his little girl would be delighted and called her up just before bed-time and told her. She was so excited she called up my FIL (her favorite uncle) and told him how she couldn't wait to pick out the pretty dress and "Uncle Ricky? You save one dance for me, okay?"
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    we just asked their parents (we had 3 flowers girls -ages 2, 3, and 4). Their parents explained it to them and they were SO excited to get to wear fancy dresses. =)
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    My cousin is in a huge Barbie phase so I bought her a Bridal Barbie and talked to her about how I was going to be a bride and would love to have her wear a pretty dress and walk down the aisle in front of me.  My aunt says she calls the Barbie "Cousin Kati" and shows it to everyone that comes to their house.
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