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Bridesmaid shoes

Just wondering if anyone has come across any super-cute shoes for bridesmaids. My dresses are a short yellow swiss dot, and ideally I'd love to find navy blue polka-dot peep toes, or anything intersting in either navy blue or another color. I would love to see whatever you guys have come across in your on-line travelsThanks!
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Re: Bridesmaid shoes

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    I'd love to find navy blue polka-dot peep toes, or anything intersting in either navy blue or another colorJust tell them this.  If you specify the color and perhaps a general style, they could very well end up with a variety of cute navy blue shoes.  That way, they can find ones that are comfortable for them in fit, style and price. and are good places to start.
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    Pick a color and let them pick. You will never find a shoe that is comfortable on everyone. Don't dictate they wear the same shoe.
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    These are cute, but expensive: [url][/url]But if you're requiring the BMs to wear a certain shoe, then you have to pay for them. If they all agree on their own to purchase matching shoes (without you telling them to), then that's a different story. If you just specify the color and maybe a style (sandal, pump), and let them pick their own, then they pay. And this is usually a better option because then they can pay what they wish (or use something they already own) and then get a shoe that suits their personal comfort levels. Shoes can be a VERY particular thing for women ... I'm sure your feet would ache in shoes that your best friend loves, and vice versa. Plus, nobody is going to notice or care about the BMs' shoes. I think it'd be easier to ask them to wear gold or silver strappy sandals of their choice. If you really want the dotted navy shoes, I don't see a problem with mentioning it to the BMs as long as it's 100% clear that this is not mandatory and you want them to tell you honestly whether they'd be willing to do it or not.
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    Please please please let your bm pick out any navy blue yheels they want. Peep toes hurt to a lot of people. Almost any shoe will hurt 1/4th or more of your bp. The main way I can tell if a bride picked teh same shoes is by if the BM have smiles on their faces. Brides who pick the shoes the bm are wincing and in pain and miserable. Otherwise they are usually smiling having fun and dancing. Seriously nobody has teh same feet and pick a color and do not cause expense and pain to yoru bm for a detail nobody will notice or care about except the poor bridemaids in foot pain with empty wallets
  • Options has sooooo many dyeables if you want to go that route.
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