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I always read posts about a bride not being happy that she might have an uneven bridal party, or that she wanted to kick someone out.  Part of me thought those people were trolls trying to make the boards more interesting, then I went tux shopping with my FI.There was a girl in there who was talking about how she kicked out a groomsman because he "got in trouble".  Therefore she was kicking out one of her BMs so that she would have an even bridal party.  I was dying to ask what the GM did to get in trouble, but thought that wouldn't be the best idea.

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    Totally with you. I want to believe real people don't treat their friends and family (or FI's friends and family) like chattel. But then you hear things like this. I'm always dying to know if the day after they feel it was worth it. When they've had the wedding and were too busy to notice the flowers, centerpieces, how everyone was seated at the head table, whether the BMs danced with their assigned GMs, who walked down the aisle with whom, and finally realize that NONE of this matters, do they feel any remorse for their actions?
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    Perfect example of not being able to see the forest for the trees (or however that saying goes, lol). It's all about the big picture. You're getting married. Enjoy the celebrations, your family & friendships, the process...and don't get so caught up in the minor details that really mean so little at the end of the day (even numbers, etc...) Really. A wedding is one day. Hopefully you want your friendships to last long after the wedding has ended...but some girls get so lost in the details they lose sight of everything else...and probably a few friendships as a result of Bridezilla-esque behavior.
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    I'm honestly amazed when people actually use the line 'it's my day' as an excuse to do mean things to their closest friends and family.   It makes me want to send ladies who do this a brief clip from When Harry Met Sally when Harry says to Sally, "You're the worst kind.  You're high maintenance but you *think* you're low maintenance."
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    What a wench. I'm amazed that any guy would want to marry a woman who'd treat her friends that way.
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    Probably not, Brooke. Probably not.
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