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All different tuxes??

I REALLY want to have all 5 men in the bridal party wear different color/styles on my wedding day.  Our colors are silver, gray and black- so I think this will flow pretty well with my bridesmaids (who are also wearing different black gowns).My problem is in styles and the need to rent (not all the bridal party can afford to buy).Any thoughts?  Since I have never seen this done, I am afraid it may look tacky without proper consideration:Same cuts?Same # of Buttons?Same length?etc.Thanks for any advice!!

Re: All different tuxes??

  • First, this is your FI's call and not really yours.  So before you do decide anything make sure it's his decision.  You wrote 'my wedding day' but don't forget that it's his too.If you haven't chosen a BP yet, wait at least six months before you select if your wedding isn't until January 2011.  In July or so when you're settling on attire (and at that point when you know of the budget for the men because your FI will have asked each of them what they're OK with spending on attire), he can look at tuxes.  IMO, going simple for all is the best bet and if you truly do want different colors, go for pocket squares as the extra splash of detail.
  • My friend had a 4th of July wedding this year, so her colors were red white & blue. Each of the men in th ewedding party had the same style tux, but different combinations of red, white, and blue accessories (ties, vests, cummerbunds, and pocket squares). It was really nice looking, but not as distracting as maybe different styles of tuxes would be. There are so many patterned accessories in silver, grey, and black, that they could each pick a different pattern and it would be cohesive without being matych-matchy.
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  • Well, first off, this really IS your FI's call. But if he genuinely doesn't care and leaves it up to you, I would not do this. Different bridesmaid dresses are one thing. Those, if coordinated by some common thread, generally look very nice. But vastly different tuxes would, I think, make it look like no one in the wedding party consulted with anyone else about attire. I like the PP's advice of having them all in the same basic tux, but maybe making some of the details different -- vests, pocket squares, etc. Also, please let them all rent. No one should have to buy a tux for a wedding, especially a wedding that isn't even their own.
  • i am worried it might look a little too busy or discordant to have them all in a different tux. it also might set up disagreements amongst them all if for example 3 want to wear the same style, but only 1 of them wants to be different (then that one guy will stick out like a sore thumb!). plus it will make your life easier if you settle on one rental style for them. the groom often has a completely different look so i agree this is where the difference should stand out. if you want them to look less uniform, why not select a different accent piece as PPs have suggested (ie tie or pocket square)? for our GM, i selected a 2-button tux in tropical weight wool with black vest for them to rent from MWTux. then i bought each guy a different tie in the same color story/different pattern (some paisley / some stripe/ some floral/ etc) according to each of their personalities. i thought the resulting photos had enough visual interest with their ties being different. here is one shot: [img]http://leoandvanessa.weebly.com/uploads/2/3/9/7/2397263/3430917.jpg?529x354[/img]
  • If BMs can wear different dresses now, why can't GM have the same luxury?  Let them wear whatever your FI wants them to wear.
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  • If BMs can wear different dresses now, why can't GM have the same luxury? Let them wear whatever your FI wants them to wear.The point of letting the BM wear different dresses of their choice is so they can pick something that suits their body type. I don't see how that rationale applies to a tux. I could get on board if it involved the GM wearing a suit they already own, but when renting? I guess the argument could be made that they could pick something that suits their style, but I don't know many men who give a crap. DH's favorite part of being in a wedding is not having to decide what to wear. 
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  • We're facing a similar dilemma just because the GMs are spread out all over the place (most in different countries) and we cannot find a rental shop that has any sister shops in those areas. So, I've been considering doing the same..and we might have to..except I think we can offer them so basic guidelines or something...Anyway, IF we do it that way, I'll let you know how it comes out..haha.
  • Men's Warehouse is located all over the country. 
  • I could see it with them all wearing different styles of suits (especially if they just wear something they own rather than getting one just for the wedding), but I'm not sure how it would look with tuxes.  I don't think it would look tacky, but I do think it would look uncoordinated.
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  • I really think it depends. I think that allowing them to pick the number of buttons would be O.K. (because different buttons can flatter different guys), but I think that different lengths and really different details would look weird. I'd really have to see a photo to say for sure whether or not I like it. I think your FI and his groomsmen should go to a tux shop, try some stuff on and see what they like, and then decide from there. Let your FI make the final call.
  • Wow... Well, for all of you who took "my wedding" so literally... hence "in THE bridal party" and "OUR colors"- my apologies.  I will be sure to check my future messages for all underlying, unrelated material and adjust accordingly. Of course it is his decision, and of course I am looking at the guys budgets!  The only way I have seen nicely coordinating different tuxes were for purchase only- the only reason I mentioned it- because it is not an option for us.Thank you for all your advise...  I really can't stand the "cookie cutter" attire.  I, personally, would like to see more wedding parties stop turning all the men and women into clones.  Fabulous job to all those different accessories!!!  I will post in the future for those of you wishing to see them!
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