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My brother is walking me down the aisle and I wanna give him a fun title. Not brother of the bride- I keep teasing him that he's gonna be a maid of honor. Any suggestions? His nickname is Scooby or Bubby if that helps. I'm making a scrap book, thats why I need a fun title. Thank in advance!
~~~~~Jenn and Jason~~~~~ Anniversary

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    If it's for the ceremony, he could be the "Bride's Escort." Or have him stand up with your bridesmaids after he walks you down the aisle, and he can be an Attendant just like them (member of the wedding party). Mixed-gender sides are fine, and very common. If it's just for the scrapbook, use whatever funny name you want. Bride's Bouncer, Bride's Entourage, whatever.
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    ooohh! I like Bride's Bouncer!!
    ~~~~~Jenn and Jason~~~~~ Anniversary
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    Honor attendant Man of Honor
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