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NWR: Lost the diamond in my wedding band!

Yeah... It sucks... And it was the diamond from a promise ring DH gave me a few years ago. We had my ring customized.I'm lost. A part of me wants to replace it, but another part is like it's not the same. It wasn't a big diamond either. I could buy a pair of earrings for under $100, and replace it, but another that other part is telling me to see what the damage and cost would be to get the basket taken off.Today sucks.

Re: NWR: Lost the diamond in my wedding band!

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    ::hugs::My mother once lost the diamond out of her e-ring and it turned up.  Keep your fingers crossed!
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    I lost e-ring diamond bout a month ago, true it could be replaced, but its not the same, I understand and sympathize :(
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    A week after being engaged, while wedding dress shopping, I lost a diamond out of my ring. THANKFULLY, I found a very trustworthy, reasonably priced jeweler who fixed it and made it look exactly the same as it did before, if not better. The ring will not be the same, but how expensive is it to replace one diamond as opposed to a whole ring? I say go for the replacement of the diamond. And for future reference- insure your ring. I added mine to our homeowner's insurance, and now no matter what happens to it, it's covered. It makes me sleep better at night!
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