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How to say No

Hi Girls, My invites just went out last week and already we are getting RSVP's back!!! Yippee!! ---BUT, we are already encountering people RSVP-ing for more than were on the invite. Example. one of the girls I work with, wrote her name and her parents names of the card. I just started working with this girl about 4 months ago, and invited her because we work in a very small office(just 3 of us, me included.) I have never met he parents and probably never will. How are you guys handling this? We don't have room in the budget or reception space for many extra people, especially people I have never met. Any advice would be great!

Re: How to say No

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    This same thing happened to me in one or two situations.  I just simply told them that we'd love to have their parents/friends/uncles/dogs but we simply do not have the space at the reception hall and have to keep the guest list limited.  Then make sure you know that you want her there.BTW, I think that's incredibly rude of her!

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    I agree with Becky.  Just say you're on an extremely tight budget and although you would love to have her family there, you unfortunately don't have the space or money to accommodate extra people.  It's so irritating when people do this.  What an uncomfortable situation to be in!
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    How old is this girl? 14? Who invites their parents along to a wedding for someone they don't know?  Maybe she needed to borrow the car...Just tell her that the invite was only for her and there is not anymore space for other guests.
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    Ditto what the other ladies said. Be firm, be polite.
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    We just sent ours out on Sat, so I'm just waiting for our first issue with this. However - we kinda have already encountered something similar. FSIL told us this weekend that a girl that went to high school with FI really would like to come. Keep in mind FI couldn't even remember this girl other than she was better friends with his sister. So FI straight up told his sister NO! Then she said she 'well, I kinda already invited her'. WTH!! Now that really ticked us both off. I mean, who does that? Especially a sister?! That's when FI told her ' well then I guess you won't be at the reception because you just gave your two person count we had you down for to your friend and her date'. Boy was I PROUD of him!! She was speechless. WAY TO GO FI!!!!
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    The same thing happened to me that we invited a family of 4 and they RSVP'd for 9!! I ended up having to let them come and they all ended up not showing up and I had to pay for them. I was soooo... pissed and it still bothers me. Please tell her nicely that she is the only one invited and expect her not to show up.
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    Well I talked to the girl I work with, and although she seemed ok with it, I have a feeling she may not be coming anymore. Oh well, her loss, my wedding is going to be amazing and she will totally be missing out. hehe
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