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I posted this on my month board but I thought I'd post here too.  I had a horrible bridesmaid (who happens to be my cousin).  She started some serious drama with me 2 weeks before the wedding.  I wouldn't kick her out because I knew how rude that would be and she wouldn't back down because she knew she'd be the bad guy to our family.So anyway, here's what happened.She came to the rehearsal with a friend of hers that I do not like and spent most of the time giggling in a corner with her. As soon as we passed out gifts she got up and left. She did not thank me for the gift or even open it. The day of the wedding the first thing she said to me was "you're late". I gave her the necklace, earrings, and bracelet I bought her and she made a face and said "Do I really need to take out my earrings? I'm already wearing some." I told her no, she can wear what she wants. She put on the necklace and left the rest laying on a table where the inn staff found and pocketed it.Through the ceremony she had a mad look on her face and kept rolling her eyes. Then when we went to take pictures she kept complaining that we were taking too many and she wanted to leave. I told her to go whenever she wanted. She stayed and continued to complain. As soon as we finished pictures and lined up for the announcments she walked out the front door and left.I completely ignored every little thing she tried to do and I think it really ticked her off but it made my day easier.  I didn't say anything to her about her tattoo (she offered to cover it and didn't).  We had several people comment on how tacky it looked but oh well.  I don't think her back is in any of my pictures.  And as far as the faces she made, she'll just have to look like she has something up her butt every time we bring out the photo album.Basically, don't let other people's attitudes affect you.  Be the bigger person and ignore the childishness of others.  Don't kick people out of your wedding party.  There is always a chance that things will get back to normal after your wedding.Saturday we ran into her in the mall and she appologized for everything and hugged me about 5 times. She has never said she was sorry for anything in her life so I'm not sure what changed but I'm glad it did. She also made a public announcement on facebook saying that she was sorry.

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    :) I like posts like this. Good for you for being the bigger person. Probably someone pointed out what an @ss she was and she feels bad. My sister acted similarly in my wedding. Didn't impact a damn thing. Day wasn't ruined, it was actually perfect. Glad you had a good wedding despite this brat's behaviour!
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    "I think bablingbrooke is the 13 yr old marring her cousin at the town hall. Lets all give her a big hand. And hope her inbred children can live normal lives." -tabs.

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    I didn't actually care about the tattoo.  When she offered to cover it I said it was completely up to her and she decided she wanted to.  I didn't even realize people would say anything but they did.  I think she only didn't cover it because she thought I'd say something and she could call me a bridezilla.  That's why I mentioned it.
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    I just told people the tattoo cover makeup is expensive and her back isn't in the pictures so she didn't need to spend the money.
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    in the words of a 'knottie' "sounds like she needs to be throat punched"
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