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Dress help--please vote!! (also on CT board)

So I thought I picked my dress, but as I was about to fax in my payment infomation I started having second thoughts (which is a major issue since as you all know we're well within the suggested 6 month time-frame!)
. Yesterday my MOH and I went shopping again, hoping that it would confirm my thoughts about dress #1, but instead I found a beautiful dress that's a bit beyond what I wanted to spend, it's $1250. I had planned on around $800 or $900 but was so excited that my first dress was only $500. Now I can't decide between them! I wish I could go back to try on the first dress, but it's in NY! I'm thinking of going dress shopping again to see if I can find something like dress #2 but for a little cheaper.

Please vote/leave comments to help me decide.

Dress #1- $500, I think it fits well, but is it too simple?!

Dress #2: $1250 Love it, but is it worth it?

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Re: Dress help--please vote!! (also on CT board)

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    as many people and shows have said:  DO NOT put on dresses that you cannot afford...and I'm not saying you couldn't afford it, but it was over what you wanted to spend....

    What if you added a sash or a belt to your first option & see how it is...
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    Your original dress budget was $900 so you're going $350 over that with this dress.  Can you afford it?  If so, then I'd say go for it.  I was only going to spend $200-300 on my dress, but fell in love with one that is $600 so I scaled back my spa expenses for the day of to just a massage to make up the difference.  You could still see if you can find something similar for less, but if you don't and you can afford it, then I would go with the one you like more.  I personally don't want any regrets on my wedding day.
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    Both dresses kind of look similar. Is there a way for you to add some stuff on the #1 to make it look similar to #2?

    If you are able to afford #2 and REALLY want it, go for it. But if you really cannot- try to see how you can "spice up" your #1.
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    As mekiakoo said they both do look similiar...does dress number too really merit spending $750 more?  They both look lovely on you but I feel like dress one shows off your figure better but the pics aren't entirely clear and they show you in 2 different angles.  Like little moments said can you add a sash or something sparkly to dress one and bling it up a bit?  I think in the end only you can decide if you want to spend $750 more.
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    I would say if you really like the detailing of dress #2 maybe try and shop for something in your budget that is similar and if you can't find anything buy a sash or something else to jazz up #1.  I wouldn't let yourself look at anything else that is over your budget.  If a consultant gives it to you look at the price and if it's too much tell her and give it back just stay firm in your position on price.

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    I really like the second one, but I agree with the others about the price. The first one is really beautiful, and is simple and elegant. I'd try it on again with a sash or belt as others have said. The shop you got the first one at would probably have a bunch of stuff you could try on with it to get an idea of what it would look like. The second one seems to have a really pretty pattern on it, but otherwise, I think the silhouettes are very, very similar. The second one also has a sash-like detail that you may be attracted to and can mimic on the first one. If you truly do love the second one, and if you feel like you would regret not having gone for it, I wonder if there is a way to compromise something else so you could get it? It is a significant difference in price. Decisions, decisions! Not an enviable one!
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    I honestly think #1 is more flattering on you.  It's a little plain for my taste, but I agree that adding a beaded sash would make it stand out more!
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    I agree with Ally. I actually prefer #1 on you! If you really feel like you want more detailing, a great sash could add a lot without adding so much to the cost. Good luck!
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    Thank you all so much for your input!

    To respond to some of your questions-- yes, I could afford to pay for the second one (looked at the budget again and there's some wiggle room) but I just have a hard time justifying the $750 more when, as many of you said, they are very similar.

    The second one is at a consignment shop, so my Dad suggested asking them to come down in price.  I didn't know that I could haggle with them, so I'm going to go back today and see what they can do!

    Thanks again for everyone's comments and how supportive you all are ( :
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    i actually prefer #1 on you as well! a blinged out sash and a dramatic hairpiece could help make it seem more special.

    if your heart is set on #2, definitely do some haggling girl! consigment stores usually just want to get rid of things, so take your bargaining skills in! lowball a "final offer' and see what happens :) good luck!
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