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Netbride? Good or Bad?

I am considering ordering my BM dresses on but I'm not to keen on ordering something like this online. For those of you who have used netbride, how was your experience? Is it worth ordering online or should I try and find something else in a store? Thank you so much for your help!!!

Re: Netbride? Good or Bad?

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    I haven't used them myself, but they're pretty highly reviewed by others here.  I personally wouldn't buy unless your girls have tried the dresses on, though; you never know how something's going to fit until you actually get it on.  There are a couple of dresses I fell in love with online that looked completely awful on me.
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    I used them for my BM dresses. Saved $100 for each of the girls by using netbride. Dresses arrived quickly too.
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    I used them for my wedding dress and my bridesmaid dresses.  Saved money and they arrived fast.  Love netbride!I was a BM in July and I wish that bride would have used netbride as it would have saved us each $60.
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    We used Netbride and each BM saved $70. Only one of my BMs had tried on the dress before we ordered them.
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    I used them for my bms and they were excellent. They delivered them early and they price match, so if you search around for the dresses you want and find a price that's super low, but you're not comfortable with the place, then do it!
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