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F/U MOH wedding color debacle

Thanks everyone for your advice and comments about my sister/MOH who was upset that I "stole" her color scheme.My mom apparently talked to her this afternoon, and I got a huge text message from her this evening, saying (in part), "For serious, don't worry...It's your wedding and I want you to be happy with what you chose, and I LOVE my dress...whatever you want, I'm fine with it.  Seriously."  Maybe she was just having a bad week, I don't know.  Either way, I feel much better about everything now.  Thank you :)

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Re: F/U MOH wedding color debacle

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    I'm so glad that worked out for you. SHe was being unreasonable, and I'm glad your mom could help her realize that.
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    Yay! I love happy endings :) And I love that your mom kicked her in the butt so that she'd shush up about you "stealing" her colors. Go Mom!
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    Sweet!  I just love it when rational thought wins! 
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    Hooray! The triumph of common sense!

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    when my sister got married, i had such a hard time with it. she asked her best friend of 15 years (who i dont especially like) to be her MOH. then, she asked me if i wanted to be one "too". i made a fuss about the dress, the color. i even cried because the dress looked bad on me. if my sister had just taken the time to talk to me, to make me feel like her sister, not some nobody in her wedding, i would have done everything to make her happy. (i gotta add that at the time i was only 18 years old, so dont judge too harsh) anyways, it sounds like your sister is having a hard time with you getting married. maybe its the attention, maybe shes jealous because she doesnt want to loose you....either way try passing a special day with her, i know that YOU are the bride, and that its your day...but sometimes even just a simple day together can solve the whole thing!
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