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OT/AW: This is my car as of 9:45 a.m. yesterday.

Re: OT/AW: This is my car as of 9:45 a.m. yesterday.

  • Ugh, sorry for the size. Could've sworn I shrank it properly on photobucket.
  • WOW, Larissa, Im glad you are still alive. That looks awful.
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  • Yeah, the EMTs and cops couldn't believe it either. The other car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee with front end damage & no damage to the cab, so they kept asking me if I was the Jeep's driver. I swear, EVERY SINGLE ONE assumed I came out of the Jeep and I had to correct every single one and tell them I was driving this mess that used to be a very nice 2003 Ford Focus.
  • Same thing happenned when I was t-boned in the drivers side by a chevy silverado pickup truck.. in my Civic Hybrid back in 2006.. when my car was 6 months old. I sat on the curb and cried because I loved that car. It happenned right in front of a fire station, so the response was quick, and they said they had never seen the side curtain airbags before, but they certainly saved my head from ending up in his grill. Its amazing how safe cars can be these days. Anyway, Im glad you are safe!
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  • I missed the full story.  What happened?
  • And glad you are ok!
  • OMG, Sarah, seriously?! Driver's side?! Holy sh!t, you're a walking miracle. And a Silverado? My boyfriend in high school had one of those and it was a freakin' tank. This car has served me well since I got it in 2003, at a year old with 24,500 miles on her. She now had almost 110,000 miles and was still kickin'. I'd just put in new headlight bulbs, breaklights, battery, and tires 'cause she was going strong. Ah, well, at least she didn't take me with her. And thankfully, I didn't have a passenger. I'd asked H if he wanted to come with me yesterday morning and he said no. If he'd said yes, and he was in the passenger seat, I'd be a real mess.
  • You didn't miss it, Leah, this is all I posted. I was on my way to meet a friend yesterday morning, and lost a battle with a Jeep. I sort of walked out of it. Well, I did walk out of it, but then my neck twinged and the EMTs insisted I go to the hospital. They put me in a collar and strapped me to a board (my first time with this, and I HATED IT), and took me to the ER. X-rays show now damage. Haven't had an MRI, but will have my doc prescribe one if the pain hasn't gone down by Wednesday. I'm an achy mess, mostly the left side of my neck. The rest seems to be all muscle. The neck worries me.
  • Holy crap. I'm so glad that you're ok!My condolences for your car though. It looks like it was cute once upon a time.

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  • Thanks, yeah. The other side, oddly, still looks pristine. It almost makes this side more depressing. But it also means the junkyard is willing to give me like $300 for it. They'll still make out like bandits.
  • Holy crap! I'm so glad you're O.K.
  • Ok.  I remembered you saying something earlier today, but I was at work and just skimming and wasn't sure if you came back and told the story in another post.  So glad you are ok!  That's so scary!  I hope your neck feels better in the morning.
  • Oh wow!  Thank goodness no one was in the pax seat!  Glad to hear you're (mostly) ok.
    Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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  • Oh. My. Thank goodness your guy didn't come along. I'm so glad you're all right. I hope there isn't anything wrong with your neck...
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  • Thanks, all. And on top of everything else, H's oldest, first, and favorite cat died tonight. We really just can't take any more.
  • What a rough day!  I'm glad you're OK!
  • Well crap! I feel bad for you and H.. and the cat. That is always sad, and I imagine is just compounding your current stress level. We are here for you.
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  • Thank God for the angel on your shoulder, Larissa!
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  • Thanks, guys. When it rains, huh? The rest of this week had just better pick up. I may be a b!tch, but H deserves better.
  • My FI loves his Focus, he would probably cry if that happened to it.I'm so glad you're okay, my mouth dropped when I saw that picture.  Hopefully the pain in your neck is just strained muscles.  And thank goodness your DH wasn't in the car, and I'm sorry about your kitty.  I'd be pretty devastated if one of mine died.
  • Yowzers!  That looks horrible!  I can understand why the EMTs thought you came out of the other car...  I hope you start to feel better.  I am sorry about the kitty as well!  Your week has to get better!
  • Ooh my!!! I am glad you are mostly ok! I hope you neck feels better and I am sorry about H's cat. Too much at once! But I can say as an EMT, I would have aksed you 100 times too if you came out of the jeep! Usually when go to accidents like this, someone doesn't walk out of the car =( I send you a big hug, and I hope your week gets better!
  • Holy Smokes! I am glad you're okay!!! I couldn't even tell that was a Focus. I'm sorry about your cat:(
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  • Holy crap!! I'm glad you're ok.
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  • I'm so sorry! I hope you can get in a rental or something and get a new car soon. :-/Didn't you tell me you were in that accident with the mustang when it was only 5 months old, too?
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  • I was, Mery, but it was nowhere near this bad. That was an annoying, anger-inducing fender bender. This was... well, you can see. Peachblossom, don't think I was annoyed at the questioning; I wasn't. At this point, it's almost amusing that I'm somehow charmed enough that I walked out of such a mess that no one could believe it. Honestly, at the scene, I was most concerned with them cleaning up the antifreeze pouring out of the other vehicle so that animals didn't get to it and poison themselves. Seriously, that's what I was focused on while there. I was pretty shaken up. And this car, by the way, was shoved about 7 or 8 feet back out of the intersection and spun about 60 degrees.
  • Holy cow, Larissa!  Glad you're ok, sorry about your cat too.
  • I'm glad you didn't get annoyed! I wish more people I meet at accidents would take a cue from you!I know what you mean about the antifreeze, I totalled my car last year when a deer jumped out in front of me, I was so shaken up and the whole time kept asking if the deer was ok! So I am with you on worrying about the animals!I'm so glad to see you in good spirits =) I hope your injuries heal up quickly! Are you getting a new car?
  • We're looking at new *used* cars. I had JUST finished paying this one off in September (of course!), and with what's going to happen to my insurance over this, I'm worried about taking on another car payment. I actually saw a 2000 Focus with fairly low mileage and a decent price, but the guy's not willing to sell 'til this weekend after he gets a few more offers, which is annoying. Especially since this is the perfect scenario - he's the original owner and has a binder with all his maintenance records! (he's an accountant LOL) So I'm looking at other cars while waiting to hear from him.
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