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MOH drama!!! (long)

I got engaged in Nov of last year. I asked my really close friend if she would be my MOH with my sister who is 10 years old. (15 year difference) she had said yes. She went with me once to try on dresses and she tried on dresses for herself. at the time I said I didn't have a certain look that I was going for yet so she could give me ideas. At the time we didn't even have a date yet. It was more for fun then anything else.

She has been giving me nothing but drama, and telling me what to do. When I bring up something that I want she critizes it and tells me that she doesnt want to do that. So I got fed up and told her at this point I dont know if I even want bridesmaids because it was so much drama. Just have my sister be my MOH and thats it. So I told her I had to think about it and The wedding isnt for sometime so thats the least of my problems.

I really want to take back asking her, but I am afraid of the friendship ending. Should I just say oh well I already asked or should I really sit her down and tell her I dont want her in the wedding anymore?

My life is never this much drama and I HATE confortation, I tend to just ignore it till it goes away!
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