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BM gifts for reader and singer?

Hi! My sister-in-law is going to be reading at our ceremony, and my good friend (not a BM) will be singing. Do I get them 'gifts' like I will the other BM's (or a smaller scale one?)? I have no problem doing it, but am just not sure if this is necessary?

Re: BM gifts for reader and singer?

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    I got my reader a gift. I got her a box of chocolates and a $50 gc.....I spent about 100 per bm, so yes, I spent a little less on her.You can get them whatever you want. Do what feels right for you.
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    I think you should get them a little something. Maybe a $10-25 gift card, a bottle of wine, a box of nice chocolates, a book or DVD/CD you know they'd like, a potted plant, a cookbook and a cute apron/dish towels, etc. And a nice handwritten thank you card :)
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    Thanks, this helps! I'll go the 'smaller gift' route :)
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