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Stuck between a Rock and a Hard spot....

I will try to make this short.....

I've asked one of my SIL to be my Matron of Honor. We have been very close since I was in fifth grade and I consider her one of my best friends. Now I have another SIL I have also known since fifthe grade (both my brothers married their high school sweethears) but I am not very close with her outside of family get togethers. We never talk on the phone or anything.

I do like my other SIL but I don't feel that she puts a lot of effort into my family and haven't agreed with some of her choices with how she deals with my family. BUT she is still apart of my family and I don't want her to feel left out or upset. She will be the only one not IN the wedding. I am asking her little girls be flower girls so that they are included.

So, where do I put her? My parents are asking that I include her so I don't cause her to be a b*tch to my brother and the rest of the family during the wedding. I'm worried she will feel left out so I would like to include her in some parents are also asking that I be the "bigger person".

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