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Help! Sister/MOH problems

I have 2 maid of honors, my little sister and my best friend.  I chose both so that my sister would feel involved even though she is 19 and a little selfish.  However, every time I try to discuss any wedding plans with her she yells at me for my choices.  I chose a friday night wedding so that I could take advantage of my weekend off work and not have to take as many vacation days. She yelled at me saying that because she was in college, friday's were not good for her.  Then when I tried to change it, she yelled at me for wanting it in october saying that she wouldn't be able to do her plays for school that perform every weekend from oct. to nov.  I finally decided that I can't make her happy and am having my friday night in Oct.  My other bridesmaids have been very supportive and my other maid of honor best friend is in college and has been so very amazing with plans that it is making me realize how crappy my sister is acting.  

Am I wrong for wanting my sister to be supportive?  It is my wedding after all and I am not being a bridezilla as I have asked everyone's input and used most people's input for the wedding.  I want to please everyone, but I feel like I really don't want my sister's bad energy as my maid of honor.  Is it wrong to demote her to a bridesmaid if her attitude doesn't improve?
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