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Hard time choosing Maid of honor

So I'm having a really tough time thinking about my maid of honor. Wedding is Aug 18, 2012.  Because the person I thought I would have I am now second guessing...We have been  friends since 6th grade..but she gets on my nerves very easily recently.  My FI said maybe i should pick someone brother says do not put her as your MOH.  My friend that recently met her doesn't like her, and thinks she is extremely in your face, I had people over and L (the possible MOH) everytime I talked to my other friend M she just met was like hovering over us...Usually I don't care what people say, but since we reserved the reception it's more real date is definate, all my friends except L are so excited and have been extremely helpful. One one extremely creative friend is helping with center peices and decorations etc. (shes the most helpful) Another one is helping me with djs and linens, M is helping with photograpghers.  Even my friend 10 hrs away at college is helpful and says call if i need anything. But L says nothing....I told her I have the reception booked she's like good now that will be less stress for you so all the people that work there can set everything up and decorate...Which is not how they do it. They cater it plated food, but the set up of linens, decotations, center peices is all on my the night before. (Which is fine with me that way i know it's the way i wanted and i have plently of people to help me) I told her no it doesn't work that way and she was just like oh..  So I really don't know what to do...I've heard from other friends she already assumes she is the MOH...But she does not seem to want to help with anything.  Any suggestions?
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