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Do you need a DJ???

Ok girls, so I had my wedding this weekend and it was AMAZING!!!! We all had so much fun. A big part of that reason was because of our DJ!! He was a blast, he kept the crowd going with an awesome variety of music, a few props, he was a great MC...and I can't say enough about him!! He truly made our wedding so I thought if any of you were in need of a good recommendation-HE IS IT!!! When my pictures come in I can post them to show you how much fun my guests had--even today, I have people calling me and asking me who he was because he was so great. You girls have helped me so much so here is his info if you need him:John210-218-1411I have been to so many weddings in the past 2 years and he was by far the best DJ I have seen-and I am sooo glad he was at MY WEDDING!!Good luck with all of your planning girls!! I hope you are all blessed with a lifetime of happiness with your husbands and husbands to [email protected]
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