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I'm planning a bachelorette party for the bride.  We're planning on going bar hopping, to dinner and to a major league baseball game.  I'm buying t-shirts for the wedding party in a real obnoxious color (like a bright, hot pink or lime green-something that stands out) with her favorite players number on the back and the word "Bride", "Matron of Honor", "Bridesmaid", etc.  I'm looking for something to put on the front...the bride's name is Melissa.  I've seen things like Melissa's "Entourage" or "Melissa's Bit---", but seeing that we'll be at a family park..I'm not a huge fan of that idea.
Any other suggestions on what we can put on the front of the t-shirts?  It'll just be her and her bridal party wearing things.
Thanks...I appreciate your help!

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    Since you're doing a sports theme with the shirts already, I'd put "Melissa's Team" or something like that.
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    Why not play with the baseball theme since that it is what is encouraging you to "keep it clean".  Team Melissa, or Detroit Diva's.....or make up some type of logo in a circle similar to what the real teams have on their jerseys.....
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    Are you sure that everyone invited is in the wedding party?  If they're not, I don't know that I'd want a shirt that said, "friend".

    And as for the front, how about something like, Melissa's Bachelorette?
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    We just made t-shirts for my FI's bachelor party.  It says Wayne's Bachelor Party Drinking Team.  That way the guys who are not in the wedding party won't be singled out.
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    Why don't you do those baseball shirts that are either black or white and the bright colored sleeves.  You can match the print to the sleeves.  Does she have a monogram?  How long do you have to do this and what do you want to spend? these guys do AWESOME design if you have a couple weeks.  They will use your design, or they will make a design if you give them an idea.
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    TEAM *Groom's LastName*
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    You can put TEAM BRIDE
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