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So I know we all know how horrible this dress shop is but I wanted to just add another post.I have a friend and her cousin is getting married on October 17. The dresses have still not come in and they refuse to give them their money back.The same story as all the others but wanted to make sure there was a more recent post.

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    Ugh! That is so awful! I am SO glad I didn't use them and I wonder how they even stay in business? Has anybody ever reported them to the Better Business Bureau I wonder? I am glad you posted this to warn other brides!
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    They are so ridiculous and unprofessional. I cannot believe they are still in business. I half expect them to be closed down every time I pass by. We just need to keep posting on the boards so that other brides are warned.
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    From personal experience, and a bride with the same wedding day, tell her to tell Traci(the owner) that she is going to contact a lawyer or is going to dispute the charges on her credit card. She seemed to really step it up when we threatened her with this.. I wish her all of the best!
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    SW0494 We have the same wedding day. Are you the one having your wedding at the Vineyard?? We are having our ceremony at a church in New Braunfels but our reception will be at La Fontana Springs just right across the road from the Vineyard. I think I remembered that it was you but wasn't sure.
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    What about contacting WOAI? Im having a brain fart, is it the trouble shooters? Maybe they could do something..
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    My wedding is in a month and they haven't returned my calls since they told me six weeks ago that my dress would arrive "any day now."Thank goodness I've gone to plan B (vintage dress from local store) but Bella Notte still has my deposit.  Is there anything to do at this point besides filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and trying to get the local media interested?  (BTW, a horde of angry brides confronting this woman would make for great TV.)
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    How did you give them the deposit? If it's by credit card I would see if you can reverse the charge considering you have not received the dress. That should get their attention. If it was by check sorry to say you'd have to seek legal action that point. Small claims court would be the step to take and I would use the media at that point.
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    Any new news? Have you gotten your money or your dress?!
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