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I LOVE your dress...maybe b/c it's like mine. lol May I ask a personal question?  My bra is sticking out in the back.  What did you do?  Sorry if that's too personal.  Tonight I tried mine on for the last time before the wedding Sat and had a heck of a time trying to figure out what to do with the bra in the back.

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    Thanks kw381!!! I just didn't wear a bra underneath. The alterations people had to sew DOUBLE bra cups into the dress because I am not a busty gal. I just went commando on top and the bra cups hid any possible nipple action that might have occurred. My second option was going to be the self-adhesive bras (you can buy them at frederick's or victoria's secret) that are completely backless. If you're going to do that I would recommend trying it on first just to make sure they will hold up! HTH and I can't wait to see pics of your dress! Oh, and as another option you could just buy some sticky things to cover your nipples but if you're bustier than me, you might want a little more support than that!
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    :::butting in:::I found a bra at Vic's secrets that has this piece of bra material that connects to one part of the clasp, then you wrap it around your torso and reconnect it to the other part of the bra. It made the back lower. I know that probably doesn't make sense, but I think it's their convertible bra. I've used that same piece with other bras in case you don't like the way that one fit.
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